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What to Do if I Have a Roof Leak?

Did you know that the most common causes of roof leaks are broken shingles, cracked flashing, and improperly sealed valleys?

If you want to find out how to properly fix your roof leak, you first need to figure out what is causing it. But you need to act fast.

If you don't take the right immediate actions, you risk causing permanent damage to your home and belongings. To help you know what to do if you have a roof leak, we've written a guide.

Read on to find out more.

Move Your Belongings to a Safe Location

If you don't move your belongings right away, they might get damaged by your leaking roof. Regardless of whether the leak is above your dining table, clothing, or book collection, you need to quickly clear the area.

Manage the Water

Try your best to contain the water that is leaking into your house. Find buckets, garbage cans, and vases. If you can capture all of the water, you will reduce the likelihood that it will damage your home.

Not only can water harm your floors. It also encourages mould growth.

Release Water Pressure

If you notice that there is a bulge sagging from your ceiling, water might be collecting in that location. If you do nothing, the water might spread and destroy your ceiling.

It also might burst open and create a bigger problem. This is why you should use a sharp device such as a screwdriver to break open the lowest part of the bulge.

Collect the water by placing a bucket underneath the bulge.

Place a Tarp on Your Roof

If you don't have time to patch roof leaks, you should place a tarp on top of your roof. You should only do this if it is safe enough to climb onto your roof.

Make sure that the tarp you use has a thickness of at least six millimetres. Spread it across an area of at least four feet. Tuck the tarp beneath several shingles to prevent water from getting underneath.

Take Photographs to Document the Damage

Before you take action to fix your roof, take a moment to take photographs. These will be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim.

Call a Professional Roofing and Mould Abatement Company

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to fix roof leaks on their own. They don't realize that they may cause additional damage if they don't know how to correctly fix their roofs.

This is why you should hire a professional roofing company to help you with your roof maintenance needs. You should also hire a mould abatement company if you believe that there is mould growing in your home.

Fix Your Roof Leak Today

It is important that you take immediate action to fix your roof leak before it causes damage to your home.

Do you need professional help to get rid of mould that is growing in your home? If so, O'Reilly Brothers are here to help you. Don't hesitate to contact us once you are ready to get started.


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