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O’Reilly Brothers offers you all sorts of insulation services.

Trusted Insulation Services for Ottawa Residents

When it comes to getting insulation for your new home or replacing old and possibly harmful insulation, you deserve the best company. Choosing O'Reilly Brothers means choosing products that will last for years. Our insulation services in Ottawa are safe for your property, the environment and your family. As every family is special on its own, each home is as well. If you’re in need of insulation services, give us a call and one of our experts will help you find the best product and service tailored to your needs.

As every family is special in its own, each home is as well. If you’re in need of insulation services, give us a call and one of our experts will help you find the best product and service adapted to your particular situation.

Pipe Insulation

Thermal insulation reduces the transfer of heat between objects that are in contact. By doing this, it protects both hot and cold service piping. With its R-Values ranging between R3 and R5, pipe insulation is suitable for high and dual temperatures and steam and refrigerated lines. The single-seam cylindrical insulation is lightweight and is appropriate for concealed and exposed piping. An aluminum jacketing may be applied in outdoor applications.


At O'Reilly Brothers in Ottawa, we specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of pipe covers in various applications. Pipe cover can offer protection from fire, leaks, heat loss, among other things. Call us today for a quote or more information.


Benefits of our method

  • Fire resistance: Fire is one of the biggest threats that property owners face - and fireproofing is a good defence against it. We provide an advanced and reliable fireproofing insulation service to protect what you love. In the event of a fire, this service helps by restricting the spread of flames to enable safe evacuation. Fireproofing saves lives and minimizes the damage that can be caused by a fire.
  • Elimination of moisture damage: In addition to its other various advantages, O'Reilly Brothers’ spray foam insulation is moisture resistant. It prevents unwanted air and water from entering into your property, which in turn avoids moisture from building up. This process reduces the risk of allergens and mould development significantly. All these factors contribute to the reduction of costs of fixing the damage caused by moisture buildup.
  • Elimination of leaks: Spray foam insulation service completely blocks out air leaks. It works indefinitely as a rigid barrier against leakage. This saves you from unnecessary energy costs in two crucial ways. The cold and unwanted air that is blocked by our service would increase heating costs if it were unrestricted, and the release of cold air that would happen otherwise would up the air conditioning costs.
  • Less heat loss: When water passes through the pipes to the faucets, some heat is lost. Pipe insulation by our experts helps to prevent heat from getting lost in the pipes. Insulation works by holding the heat and maintaining water temperatures. This indicates that you’ll end up saving energy and using less water. This approach by O'Reilly Brothers can also help you spend less on utility bills and more importantly, safeguard the environment. The temperature of the application may range from 0°F to 850°F.
  • Reduction of noise: Noise has a tricky way of moving through the pipework. In commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and industrial settings, insulating the piping and valves is a valid approach to reduce noise. The pipes act as an acoustic decoupler by limiting noise transfer when pipes pass through a fixed structure such as a floor or wall and lower the noise of the materials moving through the systems.
  • Environment friendly: The insulation services at O'Reilly Brothers help you become a greener citizen and help the environment in several ways. The insulation we install prevents the heat from leaving your home and reduces your energy consumption. Moreover, the sprayed polyurethane that we use is safe for the environment. Find out about ‘zero ozone depletion.


Frequently Asked Questions on Insulation


Which type of insulation do I need?

The type of insulation depends on where it needs to be installed. For instance, a home in Edmonton will have a different R-Value requirement than one in Ottawa.

What is R-Value?

“R” stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power. Depending on where you live, your home will have insulation of different R-Values. For example, a colder climate requires a higher value than a milder one.

How often do I replace the insulation?

Fiberglass is designed for longevity which means it rarely needs to be replaced. With proper maintenance, these products do not compress, settle or erode over time.

For more questions, check out our website.


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If you are looking for reliable insulation services in Ottawa, O’Reilly Brothers is your one-stop shop. We have a team of well-trained installers at your service. Call us today to schedule your pipe insulation or remove the contaminated insulation.

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