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OReilly Brothers

Clean and Safe, Inside and Out

We take care of your walls by offering you comprehensive removal and cleaning services.

Soda Blasting and Damaged Insulation Removal Services in Ottawa

Damages done to a property due to fire, rodent infestation, or water infiltration can result in contamination of your insulation and smoke or mould damage on your surfaces. Dirty or contaminated insulation at your home can reduce the ambient temperature, increase the humidity and expose you to allergens. Mould or fire damage can make your surfaces look dirty and smell bad.


O’Reilly Brothers employs a team of mindful and thorough specialists that offer insulation removal and soda blasting services to clean the attic, walls and surfaces of your residential or commercial property. Contact us to make your property a clean and hygienic space today.

Soda Blasting Services to Keep Your Surfaces Clean

Our soda blasting service is performed with powerful equipment and great care. We can clean just about any surface that has been damaged by fire or water. addition to cleaning your surfaces by removing the coatings over them in a non-hazardous manner, soda blasting also removes odours that fire, rust or mould may have left on your surfaces. You can check out our FAQs to know more about our services in Ottawa.

Contaminated Insulation Removal

O’Reilly Brothers also offers contaminated insulation removal services that adapt to just about every type of insulant that sustained damage from rodents, fire, humidity and more. If the product that must be removed poses any safety concerns, we will take all necessary precautions.

Insulation products that can pose severe health risks, such as asbestos or UFFI, should be abated following extensive safety measures. If you suspect the presence of asbestos, vermiculite, UFFI, lead or mould  within the walls of your home, call O’Reilly Brothers to help you figure out a plan of action. The trained team of O’Reilly Brothers can take care of all your insulation removal and soda blasting needs in Ottawa.

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