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OReilly Brothers

Keeping You Safe

O’Reilly Brothers offers you excellent fireproofing services.


Spray fireproofing is the process of rendering an incombustible material which has thermal and acoustical properties to control condensation. Its purpose is to avert the spread of fire to limit the damage to the building and gives more time to the occupants for evacuation. It is mostly used in insulting steel and metal decking during a fire breakout. When thinking about fireproofing, you need to do business with a well-tried contractor that can be trusted. O’Reilly Brothers has developed a considerable expertise in sprayed fireproofing in the Ottawa area. Call them for more information about their sprayed fireproofing services.

We also specialize in asbestos abatement and mould abatement.

learn more about our fireproofing services in Ottawa, give us a call.Safety First

Fireproofing a home, commerce or office building not only protects your investment, it can save lives by delaying the combustion of building materials. Fireproofed materials such as steel will suffer less damage in the event of a fire, which will give people more time to evacuate the building.


Benefits of Fireproofing

Fire accidents are sudden and difficult to control. If you rely on just fire alarms and extinguishers for fire safety, it’s time to take proactive measures and consider a fireproofing strategy. Fireproofing is essential to make your building fire-resistant and ensure the safety of there. Spray applied fireproofing is widely used due to its thermal and acoustical properties.. Spray-applied fireproofing has advantages other than fireproofing which other flame-resistant materials do not offer. Some of them include:

 • It is foamy and helps with thermal insulation, thus saving energy costs. 

 • It can be applied wet or dry and spread into the areas to reduce drafts in an older home.

 • It also helps lessen noise from one room to another.

 • It cuts down the entry space for insects and rodents.



To learn more about our fireproofing services in Ottawa, give us a call.



Experience You Can Trust


Our fireproofing methods and products are cutting edge, and our workers are serious and passionate about a job well done. Since nearly half a century, our company has strived to give its clients a service that has made the O’Reilly Brothers name known throughout Ottawa and Canada.



Frequently Asked Questions

Must the roof be completed before fireproofing is applied?
Yes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can A/C ducts be installed before sprayed fireproofing?
No. This can obstruct the access to steel beams and deck. Fireproofing must be sprayed directly on to the steel else adhesion and cohesion may not take place.

How long does it take the fireproofing material to dry?
Depending on the thickness and environmental conditions, the material can take anywhere from 14 to 28 days to dry. Proper ventilation is essential, when sprayed in enclosed areas.

How do I determine the thickness?
The thickness is dependent on:

• The space it is being applied

• The type of deck and depth of the metal deck

• Type of topping on the deck

• Beam sizes supporting the deck

• Type of column and its sizes

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