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If you have any other question about our products and services, our experts at O’Reilly Brothers will gladly take the time needed to answer them.


Choosing the right insulation material for your home can be hard. O’Reilly Brothers helps you make the right choice by providing you with precise answers concerning blown cellulose installation, as well as information on other insulation products. If you are ready to install your next insulation, call us and we’ll give you a free estimate.

What is cellulose insulation?

Cellulose insulation is an environmentally responsible product made from recycled wood fibre, primarily newspapers. One hundred pounds of cellulose insulation contains 80 to 85 pounds of recycled newsprint. The remaining 15% is comprised of non-toxic borate compounds which resist fire, insects and mould.

Where can blown cellulose insulation be used?

Blown Cellulose can be installed in new or existing structures. It is very successful when applied in attics where installers can blow unrestricted depths of fibre to achieve deep coverage more easily.

O’Reilly Brothers services many retrofit projects where existing wall finishes are not removed as cellulose can be pumped into walls through small, 1″ drilled holes which are capped and left ready for finishing.

How is blown cellulose applied?

Our trained service personnel blow the cellulose using a large hose coming from our truck where the blowing machine and hopper system are set up. The surfaces in your home where our hose must pass are protected at all times. When possible, the hose will enter the home through a window.

The blown cellulose fills all cavities such as between wall studs, in corners, crevices, irregular angles and cramped spaces. The cellulose is designed to adapt its shape to the surfaces to which it is applied. Wall surfaces are scrubbed down with scrapers, removing excess material and creating a smooth surface for finishing.

All scrubbed material is reclaimed and can be blown again. In open cavities, perhaps a ceiling, netting can be added to hold the cellulose in place.

What is the R-value of blown cellulose insulation?

Blown cellulose has an R-value (resistance to heat flow) of 3.8 per inch.


For Further Information

The Igloo site provides all relative information regarding cellulose. They supply us with top quality insulation products.

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