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Are you planning on having your home or business insulated with spray foam insulation in Ottawa? The chances are that you would have come across several types for your home or business. Scientifically, one of the most advanced insulation methods is available to the residents of Ottawa in the form of spray foam insulation. This method of insulation is extremely reliable as spray foam  provides multiple layers of coverage that automatically fits the shape of your property.


For over 50 years, the team at O’Reilly Brothers has provided clients with the best products and installation methods. Effective insulation is something every home and shop deserves to have for comfortable summers and winters. So why should you settle for burning a hole in your pocket to have your premises insulated? Our lightweight, high-quality spray foam comes at great prices and works well for areas in your house or office that demand large coverage. Best of all, this kind of foam yields one of the longest lifespans in the industry, and who wouldn’t want that? Get in touch with us today to have your home insulated with our energy-efficient spray foam insulation in Ottawa.


We have been providing spray foam insulation in Ottawa and other areas since 1967. This makes us one of the thousands of, trusted, and highly reliable spray foam insulation services out there. We have almost 10,000 happy customers - what's stopping you from being one of them? Take a look at our insulation services today.


Typically, installing insulation perfectly into any residential property would require hours of tiring effort in order to cover every corner of your house. With spray foam insulation, however, rather than making one layer of insulation fit into every nook and cranny, spray foam application lets layer after layer conform to the actual shape of the area and provide more reliable coverage. Whether you need a product that works in new construction or one that is retrofitted, polyurethane gets the job done.


These product traits provide a viable air barrier for high R-values and as you might already know, a higher R-value implies better insulation capabilities. With spray foam, it means that in the summer season, the heat stays out, and in winter, the heat from inside does not escape. Add to this the superior insulation fit and reach that spray foam provides and there you have it - a steady and significant decrease in your energy bills.

Undoubtedly, spray foam insulation comes with many features that make it the preferred choice for the residents of Ottawa and the surrounding regions. Some of the most useful characteristics of spray foam insulation for your Ottawa home include:

  • Material rigidity : Spray foam insulation is one of the strongest, most durable types of insulation - retaining their original shape and effectiveness-even decades later.
  • Closed cellular structure : This gives your insulation a higher R-value and can also help keep that annoying moisture out.
  • Lightweight foam : It is easier to install and handle.
  • Seamless application : Spray foam lets you insulate your home more easily, even in the most hard-to-reach areas.
  • Complete foam coverage : With traditional insulation, you have to compromise with not being able to cover all the spots in your structure. Spray foam lets you insulate your entire home or business easily and non-intrusively.


As you would have realized by now, spray foam has a lot of advantages over alternative products such as fibreglass and cellulose. Let’s take a deeper look at why you should have your home insulated with spray foam.

  • Lower energy use and cost: Once polyurethane spray foam insulation has been installed, it helps the building to contain the heat or cold air. This means that it maintains temperatures in the summer as well as in the winter. It saves on energy bills and creates a protective air barrier in attics, walls and under floors.
  • Versatile: This product can be used for both interior and exterior spaces. It allows more flexibility in creative design while maximizing the interior area.
  • Reduces noise: As there are no openings and cracks, outside noise is reduced. This is thanks to the closed cellular structure we took a look at earlier. This particular feature makes your house more peaceful and private.
  • Strengthens your home/business: What a lot of people do not know is that because spray foam is made of super-strong adhesive materials, it can help add some strength to your structure, especially in areas where various building materials meet. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Taking a look at the bigger picture, the level of insulation provided by spray foam helps you save a lot of money on energy. This directly helps the environment by reducing your dependence on heating and cooling devices.



Can I install spray foam insulation myself?

While the installation is possible, it is not advisable. The polyurethane spray foam insulation process requires expensive equipment, thorough knowledge of installation process, trained and licensed contractors. Our staff have the necessary training and protective gear to apply spray foam insulation.

Can I stay at home when polyurethane spray foam insulation is installed?
Spray foam insulation undergoes a number of chemical reactions during the installation process. As a result of these, a number of gases are released. You must consult your contractor before you and your family can enter your home during and following installation.

What should be done if I smell odor after the insulation is done?
Get in touch with the team of experts at O’Reilly Brothers if you have concerns about the odour and/or if the odour persists.


Is spray foam insulation safe?

Yes. Spray foam is safe. Certain individuals may smell the fumes during the installation process. This is called off-gassing, and this is why it’s recommended for the inhabitants to leave the house for at least 12-24 hours after the spraying is complete. After the foam has had a chance to totally off-gas, the house will be perfectly safe to live in.


How much does spray foam insulation cost?

Spray foam insulation costs twice as much as typical fibreglass insulation, but there are a variety of factors that influence the cost. Spray foam work will cost more or less depending on the scale of the job, the kind of foam being sprayed, whether or not it needs the removal of existing insulation and many other factors. As us about getting an accurate price estimate.



Upgrading your insulation to spray foam has numerous advantages. Ottawa residents and business owners can call us to learn more about spray foam insulation in Ottawa or any of our other services such as asbestos removal, mould and lead removal. O’Reilly Brothers has the experience and the expertise to insulate your home, keeping you comfortable while saving you money.

For more information you can also fill out our online form and we will get back to you.



Being in the industry since 1967 has made us acquainted with all forms of insulations including spray foam and more. For more than 50 years, our thriving company has developed substantially, extending our services, modernizing our equipment, and training our employees. When it comes to project management, O'Reilly Brothers has a proven track record of success. Every year, we add more pleased local, national, and international customers to our profile. That’s the reason why we rely on word of mouth. Our loyal and satisfied clients believe in us and share the same belief with others.

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