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OReilly Brothers

Clean and Safe, Inside and Out

We take care of your walls by offering you comprehensive removal and cleaning services.

Soda Blasting : A Non-damaging Method of Surface Cleaning in Ottawa

For any surface cleaning jobs, O’Reilly Brothers provides you with a soda blasting service that does not damage materials, and efficiently removes paint, graffiti and more.

Soda Blasting: Tough on Coatings, Safe for Your Surfaces

Soda blasting (sodium bicarbonate) is a cleaning method that is used for both industrial and commercial cleaning. It is a non-hazardous material that is effective in removing coatings without damaging the surface.

Unlike other heavy cleaning methods such as sandblasting, which can leave scars and marks on surfaces, soda blasting is less abrasive and the particles disintegrate into dust upon application.

Cleaning Houses

Soda Blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning method and is water soluble. It can be used to remove graffiti, smoke damages caused by fires, mould, paint, rust, and has many other uses. Soda has deodorizing abilities and will effectively remove odours left by mould or smoke.

For a soda blasting service that is both effective for tough removal while being safe for your surfaces, call us today

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