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Local Insulation Company Keeps People in Ottawa Warm

Choosing an insulation solution is one of the most important decisions you will make, and O’Reilly Brothers in the Ottawa area has the experience and knowledge to help you every step of the way.

In 1967, Richard O’Reilly of Ottawa, Ontario, founded a strong company that has now exceeded five decades in operation. It remains a family owned and operated business committed to quality service and customer satisfaction.

This tightly-knit company is led by Terrence O’Reilly and Garth McKibbon, with combined experience exceeding 50 years. Assisting as estimators are Jason Grulke, Blake Saucier-Curtis, Steven Chitty and Dale Kerr.



We are always looking for insulators, batters, spray foamers, and support crew to join our busy team since we are busy year-round. Experience is a plus; some job components include working in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and working with vapour barrier and air sealing. A valid driver’s license is preferred but not required. We offer permanent full-time employment that includes benefits, weekday work hours (7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday), free uniform, the opportunity to work overtime, and paid staff training. If you take as much pride in your work as we do, we want to hear from you.

Please email your resume to

We thank all applicants, but only those being considered for employment will be contacted.


Since 1967 our successful company has grown significantly, expanding our service offerings and continuously upgrading equipment and broadening employee training. O’Reilly Brothers prides itself on experienced project management, employment of qualified personnel, and an overall commitment to quality control. Our diverse list of satisfied clients grows locally, nationally, and internationally every year.

To see our projects through to successful completion, we rely on a strong team of more than 35 dedicated employees. Our trained technicians operate a fleet of 20 service vehicles to maximize each work day. Each job site has a team manager who labours as well as oversees the crew, ensuring that our work is done properly and efficiently.

Over the last 10 years alone, we have completed at least 1,000 residential jobs per year; totaling over 9,500 clients. This includes cottages and recreational vehicles. We have completed at least 600 commercial jobs, ranging from food production facilities to high schools and hospitals.

Needless to say, if we go back over our more than 55 years in the field, the number of projects we have completed is staggering. We mainly rely on word of mouth and our trucks to advertise our company, and that has been more than enough. Our good reputation speaks for itself and satisfied clients are sharing our name and number.

We have an impressive history to back up the statement “The Leading Insulation Experts for Eastern Ontario”. Call today  to benefit from our expert services.


All insulation is not equal. Insulation receiving a rating of high efficiency and R-value has greater ability to reduce heat transfer and loss. Older homes are commonly insulated with outdated, under-performing insulation with lower than standard R-values.

With proper updated insulation, you can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs, both in the heating and the cooling season. You will have cost recovery for the new insulation, and in the event of selling your home, you may enjoy an overall higher list price.



Installed by professionals, new insulation helps to seal many areas in your home where air transfer happens. Creating tight seals directly reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses emitting from your property. We all need to do our part to protect the earth: this is a simple way to do so and it benefits you directly by saving money.



Insulation that is poorly installed, too old, or insufficient allows wind and rain right into your home. Having too much moisture in your house increases material and structural deterioration, and can create health concerns.

Too dry an environment can be just as damaging and uncomfortable. Improving your insulation saves on heating and cooling costs, as they will never be in over demand. Furthermore, your furnace or air conditioner will have a longer lifespan. Effective insulation helps to keep the value of your home from declining.


Watch the application of Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation : the effect is immediate, the savings long term, and the product is superior.


Our most significant international venture occurred in July 2009 when O’Reilly Brothers sent a 3 man crew to the Canadian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan for a 2-week duration. We remain bound by national security measures and can’t disclose any information pertaining to the work we completed at that site.

However, it can be concluded that our firm is of high repute and we were honoured to be selected for a project of such magnitude and international importance.

Some of Our Clients

  • Ottawa Hospital – General Campus
  • Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus
  • Riverside Hospital
  • Royal Ottawa Hospital
  • Montfort Hospital
  • St. Joseph Catholic High School
  • All Saints Catholic High School
  • 75+ elementary schools in the region
  • Parliament Hill – Centre and West Blocks
  • Parliamentary Precinct
  • German Embassy
  • United States Embassy (both new and old)
  • Department of National Defense
  • Place de Ville
  • Place du Portage
  • Tunney’s Pasture
  • Environment Canada
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters
  • Ottawa Police Headquarters
  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Canadian War Museum (both new and old)
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum
  • Ottawa University
  • Carleton University
  • Algonquin College
  • Minto Place Towers
  • Hall Beach, Nunavut (government offices)
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