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OReilly Brothers

Keep Your House Warm

O’Reilly Brothers offers you all sorts of insulation services.


When you protect your Ottawa residence with blown cellulose insulation, you take a wise path to home maintenance and improvement. O’Reilly Brothers’ insulation, installed using the blower method, uses cellulose to maintain your home’s energy efficiency. With this specific type of insulation, you’ll benefit from easy installation and constant protection.

Consistency Is Key

Unlike other insulation types, the blower method utilizes a horizontal application method for simple installation. As a result, we can place insulation in a variety of locations in your house including attics, ceilings, stud cavities, and walls.

Because the blower method simply injects the insulation in, you can fill any difficult space with reliable padding. This method is the perfect way to refill harmful holes and crevices that may have developed. Your home will also achieve thermal resistance and noise absorption through cellulose blowing.

Beneficial Traits

As mentioned above, the blower method does more than just insulate your house. It also helps you avoid severe issues such as mould and pest infestations. In fact, the cellulose itself has treated fibers to resist combustion and deterioration.

With these valuable characteristics, cellulose helps your home become safer, more eco-friendly, and protected domicile.

Set up for Success

This wonderful cellulose insulation isn’t the only resource to improve your home. When you call O’Reilly Brothers, you receive the help of a dependable and well-trained team of installers to install this product properly. O’Reilly Brothers has over 50 years of experience in the insulation industry. We employ 8 service vehicles and 18 dedicated service team members to ensure efficient work.

Rely on our experience and let us replace the insulation in your Ottawa business or home. Call us today to schedule your cellulose blowing insulation.

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