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If you have any other question about our products and services, our experts at O’Reilly Brothers will gladly take the time needed to answer them.


Products such as sprayed polyurethane foam insulation revolutionize the way we insulate our homes by offering us many advantages. O’Reilly Brothers is a certified spray foam insulation installer in the region of Ottawa.

They have put together comprehensible information on their products so you can choose the best insulation for your home. Call them for a free estimate.

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What is sprayed polyurethane foam insulation?

Sprayed polyurethane foam insulation is a rigid cellular plastic. It acts as insulation, an air barrier and also a vapour barrier. O’Reilly Brothers applies both 2 lb UFC Approved Closed Cell Foam. Spray foam insulation maintains peak performance because it never deteriorates or decomposes due to time, temperature or usage.

Who applies sprayed polyurethane foam insulation? How?

Only a UFC (Urethane Foam Consultants) licensed installer is allowed to apply sprayed polyurethane foam insulation. To obtain licensing, the installer needs to pass classroom instruction, hands on training and must obtain experience in the field under the supervision of a trained contractor.

How is spray foam applied?

Spray foam insulation is sprayed directly into place onto the work surface (many substrates will accept foam). It is applied as a liquid, using a hose and spray gun set up. It is a combination of two substances that blend together on contact and immediately transform into a thick foam, permanently in place, creating an air-tight seal with any surface to which it is applied. The curing process happens within seconds.

After several days, exposed foam may change colour, often to a yellowed state. This has zero impact on product effectiveness; it is simply a reaction to ultraviolet light, such as sunshine. As with any open surface, the foam insulation can be sprayed after electrical and plumbing services are installed. It then expands many times its initial volume in seconds, sealing all gaps.

Is sprayed polyurethane foam insulation environmentally friendly?

One of UFC’s (Urethan Foam Consultants) objectives is to provide the most environmentally friendly insulation product in the industry. UFC does extensive testing to ensure that their product is safe for you and the environment.

Why should I choose sprayed foam insulation over other insulation products?

Spray foam insulation stops air leakage completely when professionally applied. Fibreglass batts will not stop air leakage at all, while blown-in cellulose does slow down air leakage. Fibreglass will sag over time and cellulose will eventually settle, leaving areas less insulated than others.

In contrast, spray foam insulation lasts indefinitely as an inert polymer. Spray foam completely adheres to the work surface; the result is a permanent barrier to heat loss and air entry. Also, spray foam is mould and moisture resistant unlike fibreglass and cellulose.

Can spray foam insulation seal my house too tight?

In the past, engineers designed homes to breathe and there was ventilation provided through the attic; the formula for building envelopes has since evolved. Your house does need to be ventilated, however, most home engineers and building scientists advise that you seal the structure as tight as possible and provide necessary ventilation through your air conditioning and heating system.

Many systems employ an “air exchanger” that pre-conditions incoming outside air to control humidity and energy efficiency. This type of design along with spray foam creates a true Thermal Envelope.

Does foam insulation meet building codes?

UFC approved 2 lbs Closed Cell Foam meet all the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) and exceed the quality standards for the Standard for Thermal Insulation Spray Applied Rigid Polyurethane Foam, Medium Density, Material specifications.

The new ecological 2 lb UFC Approved Closed Cell Foam spray foam insulation gives, in a one-step application, a high long-term thermal resistance, an air-barrier material exceeding 500 times the NBC requirements as well as an adequate vapour-barrier.



Do you have a Soya based foam?

Genyk 2 lbs UFC Approved Closed Cell Foam is a spray foam product we apply. This Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation is made from soya, renewable vegetable oils.

I have heard about “Zero Ozone Depletion”, what is that?

2 lbs UFC Approved Closed Cell Foam has zero impact on the ozone layer. The insulation industry has an obligation to eliminate all the Ozone Depletion Substances (ZERO ODS) from their products by 2010.

For Further Information

O’Reilly Brothers uses environmentally-friendly sprayed polyurethane foam insulation materials to keep the homes of their Ottawa clients warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Is spray foam insulation in Ottawa right for you? Contact us today to learn more.

Additionally, the UFC website provides all relative information regarding the implementation of sprayed urethane foam in Canada.

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