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How Can I Reduce Mould Growth?

Did you know that experts in Canada have identified two hundred and seventy different species of mould in buildings? Given that the presence of mould can cause a significant drop in air quality, the fact that there are so many kinds of mould in buildings is unpleasant. If you're looking into having mould removed, look no further. This article will tell you everything you need to know about mould removal in Ottawa.


How to Reduce Mould Growth

Mould needs three things in order to grow: temperature, moisture, and a food source. So the best thing that you can do to try to keep your house mould-free is to keep it clean. There are many mould-prone objects in a house such as walls, windowsills, ceiling tiles, and even children's toys. By regularly wiping down these areas you can easily control mould. Something else recommended is to control the level of humidity in your house. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends keeping a humidity level below 60%. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. Keep any houseplants in well-ventilated areas, don't leave wet clothes or towels in laundry baskets, and consider investing in a dehumidifier. You may also want to take cooler showers or make sure your bathroom is completely ventilated. Steam is one of the easiest ways to make moisture build-up, and black mould clean-up is no easy feat.


Mould Growth Prevention Tips

Once you have removed any mould growth in your home, you aren't going to want that to come back. One of the best things you can do to control mould and prevent further growth is to insulate your home to protect it from your local climate. Spray foam insulation, a blend of two types of chemicals, is particularly useful. When these chemicals come into contact with each other, they harden and expand, successfully preventing moisture from entering your home.


Getting Mould Removal in Ottawa

If you're thinking about cleaning up mould on your own, don't do it. It is widely advised that if a mouldy area is three feet or larger, you should call in a professional. This is because the larger the mould infestation gets, the higher the hazard to your health. In addition, mould infestation can cause structural damage. Luckily, we offer a home mould clean-up service. We have specialized equipment to tackle the problem, and all of our procedures follow mould safety guidelines.


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