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Cellulose Insulation Ottawa Ontario

One of the most popular forms of insulation currently on the market is blown cellulose, a material praised by homeowners and insulation experts alike for its thermal efficiency, noise absorption, fire resistance, environmental benefits, and easy installation process. If you’re looking for new insulation for your Ottawa home, we at O’Reilly Brothers recommend taking the time to consider the benefits of blown cellulose.

What is Blown Cellulose? Cellulose insulation is a plant-based product that can be used to fill empty, enclosed spaces in your home’s structure, like wall cavities and attics. It’s thick, dense and clumpy in texture and usually derived from ground-up wood and paper products like cardboard and common waste paper products. It’s installed by blowing the product into the space that needs to be insulated using a long, flexible hose extending from the blower. The Benefits of Cellulose Insulation Here are some of the advantages of choosing cellulose insulation for your home: 1. Easy to install Because of the blower method, cellulose insulation can be used to fill irregularly shaped and hard-to reach spaces. It’s the best choice fit for retrofit applications when you need to install insulation in closed walls. Plus, it’s good for refilling holes and crevices that develop over time. 2. Energy efficient Cellulose is a highly thermal efficient type of insulation, with a higher R-value—resistance to heat flow—per inch than many other insulators. Its effectiveness provides savings on your energy bills. 3. Non-combustible Even though cellulose is made from paper products, it’s treated with borates, which are combustion resistant. 4. Noise absorbent Cellulose insulation has high noise reduction coefficients and is highly effective at absorbing sounds from both the outdoors and other rooms of the house. 5. Eco-friendly Cellulose is a “green” insulation solution because it’s made from recycled materials—mostly paper and cardboard that would have otherwise become waste. 6. Protects against mould and infestation While rodents and insects often nest in other types of insulation, the borate in blown cellulose acts as a pest repellent. It also increases its resistance to fungus, which prevents mould from forming. Insulation Contractors in Ottawa At O’Reilly Brothers, our team of skilled technicians will make sure your cellulose insulation is correctly installed using the blower method. We have over 50 years of insulation experience. To learn more about blown cellulose insulation and schedule a consultation, contact us today.


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