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Asbestos Danger in Older Ottawa Homes

If you’re thinking of renovating, repairing or demolishing a structure built prior to 1990, you may want to consult a qualified abatement contractor to ensure the safe detection and removal of asbestos.

A mineral fibre with superior reinforcing and fireproofing properties, asbestos was widely used to insulate ceilings and walls in offices, schools and public buildings from the 1930s to the 1980s. Over time, however, asbestos fibres crumbled, turning into fine inhalable particles when disturbed. This posed significant health risks—including cancer-related problems—to those who breathed in the contaminated air. The removal of asbestos is a highly regulated process that involves rigorous inspection, licensed workers and safe disposal practices. It is never a feat that you as the homeowner should handle on your own. So, before overhauling your home’s outdated facade, contact your local asbestos removal contractor in Ottawa to learn what’s involved; they’ll run you through the step-by-step process, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your family’s health isn’t at risk.


  1. A fully licensed professional will identify potentially affected areas, perform a risk assessment and collect samples for testing

  2. If hazardous materials are detected, detailed written work procedures outlining how the job will be safely completed are provided

  3. A qualified abatement contractor will then seal off affected areas with industrial-grade plastic to keep fibres from escaping during removal

  4. The experts then tear out anything that contains asbestos, securely bag the materials and haul them away to an approved landfill that accepts asbestos-tainted waste

  5. Once final air clearance has been granted, you are at liberty to continue with your renovation or remodelling plans

A qualified insulation and abatement contractor in Ottawa, O’Reilly Brothers can assist in the swift and efficient removal of asbestos, as well as provide innovative insulation solutions for a toxin-free living environment.


A viable air barrier that maintains peak performance for life, spray foam insulation is an environmentally friendly, safe and economical solution. It provides reliable coverage and creates an airtight seal with any surface to trap heat in. We guarantee your next energy bill will make you smile from ear to ear!

Avoid disturbing asbestos materials yourself and unleashing particles detrimental to your well-being. Contact your insulation specialists at O’Reilly Brothers for asbestos removal or spray foam insulation in Ottawa. We’ll help you keep the value of your home up with a well-insulated building devoid of any threats to your health.


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