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Sprayed Fireproofing

"The roof is on fire!" That's something you'll never hear if you use sprayed fireproofing for your home. Sprayed fireproofing puts a hedge of protection around your home, making it impervious to even the fiercest blazes. To discover how fireproofing Ottawa and your home can provide unbelievable protection, keep reading.

Fireproofing Ottawa Before getting into all that fireproofing does, let's first define it. What is sprayed fireproofing? According to Westcor Thermal, sprayed fireproofing is "spraying any substance in a way that covers a particular surface properly in order to provide it with fire resistance." This is otherwise known as Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM). Spray can be used on fabric, wood, and more. Sprayed fireproofing is either wet or dry. Wet fireproofing does more than dry fireproofing. Although it's packaged in a dry powder bag, you mix it with water. Sprayed fireproofing is the cheapest kind of steel fireproofing. After applying it, workers use a special gauge to measure its thickness. Workers apply it to surfaces to which it sticks, like bare steel. It won't adhere to painted, rusty, or oily surfaces. Workers try to avoid moisture when installing fireproofing. So, they install it soon after a building encloses and its interior has dried. There are generally three grades of sprayed fireproofing: low density, medium density, and high density. Low density fireproofing yields a lot and quickly covers surfaces, but the elements can erode it. Medium-density fireproofing is better suited for spaces with more human traffic. High density fireproofing is ideal for parking garages, mechanical rooms, and spaces high in human traffic. Fireproofing Info Ottawa Sprayed fireproofing thermally insulates building materials to keep them below the temperatures at which they would fail. Certain materials in your home are more appropriate for fireproofing than others. Rigid structural elements like beams, columns, and metal decking are prime candidates. Sprayed fireproofing can even be used as thermal insulation and a sort of acoustic enhancement in spaces with exposed metal decking and structural members. Although it's great, sprayed fireproofing is far from your home's only protection against fire damage. Intumescent coatings, otherwise known as intumescent paint, also protect structural steel members from fire. These coatings can expand to up to 100 times thicker than the material's original thickness. Rigid board fireproofing, another option, can be installed at the same time as steel beams and decks. It's waterproof, and acoustically and thermally sound. Flexible blanket systems are yet another great fireproofing material. They're reliable, affordable, and stop a fire's spread. Even concrete can get the job done. It might not look great and it might take up a lot of space, but concrete is as fireproof as can be. More specifically, autoclaved aerated concrete works well around steel columns. Make Your Home Fireproof Maybe the last thing you'd ever want to happen to your home is for it to go up in flames. An even worse scenario would be if that happened while you or your loved ones were inside. Fortunately, there's fireproofing Ottawa. Protect yourself against these nightmare scenarios with sprayed fireproofing from O'Reilly Brothers.  


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