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When insulation abatement is necessary, we proceed with respect and efficiency.

Dependable Vermiculite Removal Services in Ottawa

Is your vermiculite insulation contaminated with asbestos? It’s best to assess your insulation before problems occur. Vermiculite insulation containing asbestos which can cause many health problems such as lung cancer and mesothelioma if exposed to asbestos. If the insulation boards in your home contain this mineral, you should consider demolishing or renovating as soon as possible. Replacing the vermiculite on your own can cause harmful minerals to become airborne. So, if you suspect there are materials that are contaminated by asbestos in your home, count on O’Reilly Brothers to help you. A trusted insulation service provider in Ottawa, we are renowned for quality workmanship since 1967. You can rest assured our abatement and remediation process will be quick and satisfactory. After all, we aren’t called “the leading insulation experts for Eastern Ontario” for nothing. We are backed by over 50 years of providing great vermiculite removal services in Ottawa for about 10,000 happy customers. If you want vermiculite removed from your premises by an expert and reliable agency, we are here for you.

Help and Council

At O’Reilly Brothers, we’ll help you determine whether you have vermiculite insulation, and how to proceed if you do. Our trained team can determine potential risks and can safely remove contaminated vermiculite insulation in a timely manner. Our goal is not only to take that harmful vermiculite off your premises but to also educate you about it so that you can know better what you are dealing with. Knowing the problem can help you deal with these problems promptly and efficiently, besides also helping you make future decisions that will prevent such contaminations again.


In fact, we are here for you not only for contaminated vermiculite removal in Ottawa but also to ensure you breathe healthier, cleaner air with the removal of other harmful substances such as asbestos, mould and lead. Why compromise with your health when you can call the experts to get rid of these harmful substances for you? Get in touch with us for a free assessment of your property’s need for vermiculite removal in Ottawa.

Vermiculite Contamination

Vermiculite is itself not a harmful substance. It comes from a natural mineral deposit resembling mica. In fact, many companies used vermiculite for insulation purposes because it expands at high temperatures. This odourless material is also lightweight and fire-resistant.



Why Is Vermiculite contamination a Threat?


Well, the truth is that despite these useful traits, vermiculite presents potential risks that home and building owners should not ignore. From 1929 to 1990, most vermiculite came from an area of Montana that was near asbestos deposits. Because most vermiculite originated from a contaminated source, buildings with vermiculite have a high likelihood of asbestos contamination. This means that you could be living in a home or conducting your business out of a building that is insulated with asbestos-contaminated Vermiculite. Asbestos is a substance that not simply causes breathing or other lung-related illnesses but can also lead to major and chronic illnesses.


The risks that asbestos poses to your health and the health of your family and customers are just too high to take Vermiculite contamination lightly. To avoid the health hazards of asbestos, people in buildings with vermiculite should request asbestos testing and then insulation removal if necessary. Before obtaining vermiculite removal for your Ottawa home, you must find out what type of insulation you have. Well, you may not know for sure that your Vermiculite is contaminated - and that is why it is best to get your Vermiculite insulation tested by us[J1] . If your home or shop is in urgent need of Vermiculite removal in Ottawa, O’Reilly Brothers are the most reliable agency for you in Easter Ontario.


Trusted Vermiculite Removal Services


Removal of asbestos is a highly complicated and extensive job. When disrupting asbestos, excessive precautions must be taken to guard the worker against breathing in the fibre. That’s why experienced and certified contractors are required. Choose us as:

  • We form a step-by-step vermiculite remediation plan to assure maximum effectiveness.
  • We comply with a stringent protocol when we seal the contaminated areas and during vermiculite disposal to limit any spread of asbestos fibres.


Reliable and Efficient Services


Save your money and get better returns on your real-estate by enhancing the energy-efficiency and air quality in your home or business. Not only will you be protecting the health of your customers and your loved ones but also be saving a lot of money on heating and cooling as well. And the best part of all, you will be doing your bit for the environment. Stop compromising on your health and give us a call today for the best Vermiculite Removal Services in Ottawa.

Call us for a free assessment of your property’s need for vermiculite removal in Ottawa.

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