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What to Know About Underfloor Insulation

What's on your mind today, homeowner? Perhaps you need to mow your lawn, clean your gutters, tend to your garden, and maybe even service your air conditioner now that spring has sprung. Have you considered your underfloor insulation, though? We know, we know. It's one more thing to do. It might be a good idea to add your underfloor insulation to your rotation, though. As one of the most trusted insulation contractors Ottawa has to offer, we're here to tell you why.


The Underworld of Underfloor Insulation:

"Underworld" might be a little dramatic, but insulation can be an important ally when it comes to keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the spring and summer months, especially in Canada. Insulation can be installed in a variety of places like the space above your attic, between sheetrock in your walls, and underneath your floor. Each location offers another opportunity to help keep your home's desired temperature steady. This means your furnace and air conditioner don't need to work any harder than they already are. Not only does this help your furnace and A/C, but it might just save you a bit of, too. That's a win-win.


The Win-Win of Underfloor Insulation:

First of all, choosing underfloor insulation means investing in your home. Congratulations on making a sound investment! After all, Canadian homes lose up to 20 percent of their heat from basements alone! By now you know that insulation is a great way to combat heat loss and help your air conditioner keep chugging when it finally does warm up, but there's more. Underfloor insulation can also improve your home's energy usage, give it a better overall energy score, and even prevent air draughts. You can easily add underfloor insulation to a new construction project. Never fear though. You can also add it later on.


Where to Add Underfloor Insulation

Now that you know that floor insulation can be a proactive step to keeping your home heated and cooled properly, you might be wondering where you should add it. There are a number of things to think about. First, your floor type can definitely impact your approach. For example, your room might have a wooden floor or suspended floor. This means you'll need insulation slabs that fit in between those joists and your floor material. If you have a concrete foundation, you can add a layer of insulation between the concrete and your floor. With all floor types, you'll need to be mindful of moisture - floor materials to need to breathe. A few other places to focus on when you consider underfloor insulation include unfinished basements and crawl spaces too.


Trust One of the Best Insulation Contractors Ottawa Has to Offer

When it comes to insulating your new home or upgrading old and potentially harmful insulation you deserve the best. Choosing O'Reilly Brothers means choosing products that will last for years. That means peace of mind for you, big energy savings, and a break for your pocketbook. We're one of the most trusted insulation contractors Ottawa has to offer. Our local insulation services are safe for your property, the environment, and your family.


As every family is special on its own, each home is as well. Contact us today to get your underfloor insulation ready for whatever Canada's seasons throw at you next. If you need insulation services give us a call and one of our experts will help you find the best product and service tailored to your needs.